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Tell me why there is a deposit required to reserve my photography appointment?

It is just like a concert ticket or hotel, there is only one appointment on that day at that time. Once it’s booked it’s booked. We have an entire staff waiting to make your portrait session and photographs great!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we except Visa, MasterCard, we also take cash or checks!

We have heard that portraits at Rod Brown Photography are expensive, but comparing your prices we see that you are only slightly more than the ordinary studio. Why do people think that Rod Brown Photography is more expensive?

Compared to what? Clothes? Entertainment? Other photographers? No, Professional Photography isn't a commodity like a breakfast cereal or a gallon of gas. There is a huge difference between the quality, creativity, service, and prices individual photographers offer. You can certainly find photographers who charge less, you can find many that charge a lot more, but people who compare value quality, creativity, service, and price generally are thrilled they chose Rod Brown Photography.

Our customers love our work so much that the commits we hear most often is, “Rod really made it impossible to pick....we loved them all!!!” We believe that people hear they we are expensive because they ask their friends what they spent on senior pictures. When they hear the total, they feel we must be expensive without knowing everything the person received for their money. We feel it’s a great compliment when our customers order a lot and from many different poses, it means we did out job extremely well! It’s hard to pick one or two poses so our customers may order from multiple poses and get a great value for their dollar! We believe in treating our clients they way we would like to be treated. So you’ll get no sales pressure from us. We prefer to let our portraits do the selling. When you come in to place your order, we simply ask “ok what have you decided on?” then, what you spend is up to you.

What type of clothing should we wear for our portrait session?

For most sessions solid darker clothing works the best. For families we suggest coordinating their outfits so that one individual does not stand out in the group. Dark pants work the best, with tops that all bend together. Senior portraits are a little difference, we like variety to show individuality, please see our senior page for things to wear.

What if I need to wear eye glasses in my photograph?

We highly recommend that you visit your optometrist, most will be happy to remove your lens or let you borrow a set of frames similar to what you normally wear. Glare from the light can usually be prevented but not guaranteed. Glasses that darken or have a dark tint should not be worn for your photography session.

Can I be photographed with my pet?

Yes, we will gladly photograph you with your pet, they are family! Best of all, we do not charge extra to include them in your photographs. If you have a large dog, please have someone there who can take the dog home after we have photographed the two of you, so they do not have to stay for the whole session.

What about tanning?

A nice tan always looks good but don’t over do, really dark tans or red peeling skin do not photograph well. We recommend that you do not tan two to three days before the session to avoid the red look. Tan lines will show in your portraits so make sure they are covered with appropriate clothing. Tan lines can sometimes be removed but there are extra fees to do this.

Can I bring a friend to watch my senior session?

Of course! If it will help you feel more relaxed, bring a friend or parent along, space is limited but one or two are welcome. Please leave small children at home during your session, as we want the focus of your time with Rod to be on creating amazing photographs of you!

What if I have acne, scars, or bruises?

Most acne and scratches and be retouched successfully but if you have a very large bruise please call to see if we need to reschedule your appointment. Tattoos will show so wear appropriate clothing if you do not want them to show. They can usually be removed but an extra fee will be charged.

Should I get a haircut or change my hair style before my appointment?

Getting your hair cut especially for guys, just prior to your session is not recommended. Get your hair trimmed a week or two before your session. For girls we do not recommend a new hairstyle, unless you are very sure you will like it. The number one reason that girls do not like their pictures is because of their hair. Don’t experiment before your senior pictures. Try a new style at home before your session to see if you will like that look. Some girls like to split their session so they can wear their hair in two different ways like curly, straight or up for a more formal look.

How early should we arrive for an appointment?

No more than 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment, the most important thing is to be ready when you arrive. If bringing children, definitely do not arrive early, they have a short attention span and we need a few minutes to set up the camera room to go with their outfits.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please call at least 24 hours in advance so that we can reschedule to another day. Any appointment cancelled less than 24 hours may incur a $20 fee.

What if I want outdoor photos and it is raining?

During the summer months it usually is not an all day rain and may be raining on one side of town and not the other. If the weather does not permit going outside, we can do all of your studio session and then we will only have to reschedule your outside portion of your session. You may decide that being photographed in the rain could be fun!! If questions please feel free to call the studio.

What is retouching and how much does it cost?

Normal retouching is included in everything you purchase from Rod Brown Photography except previews. Normal retouching includes softening lines around the eyes, mouth and removal of blemishes.

How long does it take to get previews back for us to view?

Families, anniversary, engagement and children are ready in approximately two weeks. Senior sessions take a little long due to the amount of images and the special effects that are added to some. Usually you can expect them in approximately four weeks.

Do I need an appointment to pick up my previews?

Yes, we would appreciate you scheduling an appointment so that we will have enough time to go over pricing and show you some of the products that we have available. Most preview appointments last about 15 minutes. There is a deposit of $150 to pick up previews and take them home.

When I place my order do I need to make a payment?

Yes, 50% of your total amount is due when you place your order and the balance is due when you pick up your order. No partial orders will be given out without payment in full. All orders must be picked up within 90 days of notification of when your order is ready. We are not responsible for any orders left after this date.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please feel free to call the studio at 419-782-6131 and we will help you with your questions.


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