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Sweet 16

How did the Sweet-16 Contest Begin?

The Sweet-16 Beauty Contest started as part of the "Birthday Celebration of the Paul March Studio" 50 years ago. The response was so great, we decided to repeat the program the following summer with a new name, "The Sweet-16 Contest". The number of entrants doubled and redoubled reaching a peak of 145 girls. These are the winners so far...

2013Autumn Garcia 1987Penny Sanders
2012Paige Mathewson 1986Lynn Viars
2011Jessica Roberts 1985Jill Elberson & Natalie Rath (tie)
2010Megan Groves 1984Sue Keber
2009Aleni Torres 1983Amanda Delarber
2008Alexandra Lipp 1982Caroline Miller
2007Chelsea Castillo 1981Sara Delarber
2006Marissa McDonald 1980Rhonda McCauge
2005Tia Hornish 1979Anna Herrera
2004Danielle Dangler 1978Tammy Miller
2003Sadie Strausbaugh 1977Cheri Hastedt
2002Stacy Young 1976Sue Reike
2001Megan Thompson 1975Sue Brenner
2000Jenna Gable 1974Gail Moore
1999Emily Daoust 1973Mary A Beneck
1998Jennifer Lassiter 1972Kim Cline
1997Kate Pohlmann 1971Debbie Sloop
1996Brittany Mealer 1970Kathy Craven
1995Kelly Bechtol 1969Virginia Reike
1994Nicole Helmke 1968Kathy Stoller
1993Sara McGowan 1967Maureen Moser
1966Sharon Hoffman 1992Nicole McKeen
1991Amy Burkhart 1965Susan Schilperoot
1990Cathy Bradford 1964Linda Bair
1989Kylee Price 1963Jackie Lingardt
1988Beth Weisenburger 1962Jackie Wadron

How do I enter?

Just call Rod Brown Photography at 419-782-6131 or 1-800-782-6131 and make an appointment for your sitting. We will be taking appointments from June 1st thru June 30th and you must be 16 years of age at the time of your sitting. Click here for full details, rules, and entry fee.

What do I have to do?

This year you will have your choice of having your portrait taken in a studio setting or in our out-door garden studio. Six different poses will be taken and from those poses you select the pose that you prefer and we will make a 16x20 portrait which will be entered into the contest.


Phone: 419 . 782 . 6131